• September 9, 2023
  • uworx-web-admin
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A heartwarming celebration unfolded at UWorx as the company showered appreciation on its remarkable women employees with a joyous Women’s Day lunch. The event marked not only a celebration of International Women’s Day but also a testament to UWorx’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

With an atmosphere of camaraderie and empowerment, the lunch was a delightful opportunity for the women at UWorx to connect, share stories, and bask in the support of their colleagues and the organization. The venue resonated with laughter, camaraderie, and a palpable sense of unity as the women enjoyed a specially curated menu.

The company-sponsored Women’s Day lunch at UWorx resonates as a gesture of appreciation, support, and camaraderie, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to cultivating an environment where every individual thrives.

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