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  • July 29, 2022
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“Team augmentation is a powerful tool for any organization’s arsenal, but not many understand why they should use team augmentation services. This is the perfect place to start.”

What is Team Augmentation?

You might have heard the word “Team Augmentation” tossed around here and there quite often now. It has become the favorite buzzword in the IT industry that is attracting global attention and making businesses hire remotely. But what does Team Augmentation actually mean?

“Team Augmentation is the use of outside personnel on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of your organization.”

Team Augmentation or Staff Augmentation is one of the outsourcing approaches to staff a project in accordance with concrete business requirements. This process incorporates assessing the skills of current employees, introducing new talented members, and reassembling the team to ensure project success through timely delivery.

Team Augmentation services get you highly skilled and experienced developers enabling your team to deliver exceptional service catering to the client’s requirements. These services are flexible and fit well to your needs before you can dismiss them or put them away. This model usually results in having your full-time employees working side by side with qualified resources with specific programming (or other) skills brought in on the side. Thus, enabling companies to enlist new talents much faster without the hassle of onboarding and training new employees.

Let’s Dive Into Why Businesses Use Team Augmentation Services?  

For a business to be successful, it needs to have proper tools and talent at its disposal, a perfect balance of quality and quantity that helps in accomplishing company goals. Finding the right amount of talent for your teams is key to optimizing your operations, but it can be challenging as priorities and conditions change. For example, it is easy to get caught up with few qualified IT professionals when you are ramping up your tech capacity quickly; to meet unexpected demand or while scaling up the business.  In this case, bringing in new in-house workers to fill the gaps will not only be expensive but also a time-consuming process. What if your goals change? What if the circumstances take an ugly turn and you have to downsize? What if you have an inadequate budget for training the new staff?

This is where team augmentation comes into play as an affordable, flexible solution.

1. Cost effective

With team augmentation services, you only have to pay for the specific work you allocate to the third party. Also, you save training costs for new recruitment as augmented candidates have expertise in specific segments and require minimal acclimatization training.

2. Access to large/new talent pool 

We all know that the best talent is available in the market and a permanent hiring process restricts a firm’s ability to leverage it. But team augmentation serves as a means to access this talent pool of highly skilled professionals for the short term. Staff augmentation recruits are domain-centric so they bring a new thought process on board.

This is useful when you are hiring a specialist for a short-term project. For example, it is fiscally prudent to hand off responsibilities like updating chat services content to an individual in Lahore rather than hiring an expensive UX writer in Boston.

In addition to this, overseas teams’ background is an asset to the company as there is a good chance that they are multilingual and can support services for customers who speak the same language. They also have a nuanced understanding of different societies and cultures, bringing it to their interactions with clients from around the world.

3. Flexibility 

IT staff augmentation ramps up the intensity of team’s output on the project immediately when required. It gives you the freedom of staying flexible and risk-free, which holds paramount importance in the technological sector.

4. Increased productivity level 

IT team augmentation helps you focus on a single project, with the entire team dedicating their efforts towards a single client, thus, increasing the level of productivity.

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