• March 19, 2024
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“A 2024 survey revealed that 25.5% of respondents had less than 1 year of experience with test automation, while 21.7% had more than 1 year of experience. Interestingly, 20.8% had no experience, highlighting the ongoing demand for skilled professionals [Source: Simform].”

Test automation is a crucial skill for software testers, streamlining the testing process and ensuring software quality. However, mastering test automation requires hands-on practice, and finding suitable environments to fine tune your skills can be a challenge. But how do you get started if you’re new to automation? Thankfully, there are several demo sites available specifically designed for practicing test automation.

These specially designed platforms provide a safe and controlled environment to practice your automation skills without affecting real applications. Let’s delve into some of the best options available:

  • Comprehensive Experience: Dive into ParaBank or Restful Booker to encompass both web UI and API testing. These platforms mimic real-world applications, offering a holistic testing experience.
  • Lifelike Scenarios: If you crave a realistic setting, Automation Practice Website is your answer. This e-commerce simulation mirrors scenarios encountered in actual applications, providing invaluable practice.
  • Local Control: For those seeking practice with specific data and login functionalities, Bulldoggy: The Reminders App steps in. This locally hosted app empowers you to tailor your testing environment.
  • Visual Validation: Showcase the power of visual testing with the Applitools demo site. Experiment with tools that ensure your application’s UI elements render flawlessly across different platforms.
  • Unveiling Vulnerabilities: Delve into OWASP Juice Shop, a deliberately insecure application designed for ethical hacking. This safe environment allows you to practice identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, bolstering your security testing skills.
  • Mastering Specific Elements: Hone your automation techniques for specific UI components like dropdowns, alerts, and frames with the-internet. This website offers a diverse range of interactive elements for targeted practice.
  • Crafting API Tests: For those new to API testing, JSONPlaceholder provides a user-friendly platform with sample data. Experiment with crafting effective API test cases in a controlled setting.
  • Real-World API Practice: Take your skills to the next level with Device Registry Service. This genuine API allows you to practice REST API automation, simulating real-world testing scenarios.

This curated selection merely scratches the surface of available demo sites. Venture out and explore additional resources that align with your specific learning goals and preferences.

Beyond the List:

Mastering test automation requires consistent practice and hands-on experience. Fortunately, there are several demo sites available that provide a safe and convenient environment for testers to sharpen their automation skills. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced practitioner aiming to refine your techniques, these demo sites offer valuable resources and opportunities for growth.

While demo sites provide an invaluable foundation, remember that real-world applications often present a multitude of complexities. Be prepared to adapt your acquired knowledge and skills when transitioning to actual testing projects.

So, embark on your test automation journey with these demo sites as your companions. With dedicated practice and exploration, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a test automation champion!

Start exploring these demo sites today and take your test automation skills to the next level!

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