• October 11, 2023
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Retail industry thrives on adaptation and evolution, staying ahead of the game is crucial. Specialized professional events help businesses grow by providing an opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders, connect with industry peers and potential customers. Such an event took place in the UK – IRX London 2023. The event website stands true to its claim;

A visit to IRX @ DTX + UCX 2023 will give you the tools, inspiration, case-studies and suppliers to enable to you to stay ahead of competition, win new customers, retain current customers and ensure your operations are efficient and responsive.

Peers from UWorx attended the two days event IRX London 2023 which was truly an amazing and transformative experience. This event brought together retail industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from around the globe. The atmosphere buzzed with innovation and excitement. The event was a beacon of hope for the future of retail, showcasing not just the industry’s resilience but its capacity to thrive in a digital age. Key themes discussed included Architectures for modern commerce, Customer contact and messaging, Customer experience, Digitizing the supply chain, Re-platforming and Future of Payments.

Engaging Sessions with Industry Leaders

One of the highlights of our experience at IRX London 2023 was the incredible line-up of speakers. Esteemed retail industry leaders and visionaries graced the stage, each sharing their insights and expertise in a way that left us all in awe. From omnichannel strategies to the latest in e-commerce technology, these experts offered invaluable guidance on how to navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape.

We had the privilege of hearing from:

  • Ingrid Addo (Senior Customer Success Manager, SurveyMonkey)
  • Amit Arora (Head of Platforms and Change, Darwin Insurance)
  • Ange Johnson De Wet (Director/Head of Engineering, Natwest)
  • Alexander Otto (Head of Corporate Relations, Traderbyte Software):
  • Austen Crump (CRM Manager, Grenade)
  • Aidan Connor (CTO, Asprey)
  • Gladis Araujo (Global Supply Chain Strategy VP, Mattel)
  • Nico Beukes (Managing Director, Yext) 

to name a few.

Practical Workshops that Inspired Action

In addition to the enlightening keynote sessions, IRX London 2023 also hosted a series of practical workshops that allowed attendees to roll up their sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty of retail transformation. These hands-on experiences were incredibly valuable and showcased real-world solutions that could be implemented immediately.

Workshops included:

  • Re-platform with confidence: A deep dive into how to navigate complexities of re-platforming with precision and assurance.
  • Unlocking the future of shopper activation: How to cultivate long term loyalty, profitable customer engagement and data monetization.
  • Empowering retail success: Exploring the connection between observability and driving value in retail landscape.
  • Sustainability in Retail: Practical steps for businesses to adopt sustainable practices, from sourcing to packaging, and beyond.
  • Staying Ahead of technical innovations: How to stay ahead of your game with early adoption of AI tools. 

Networking Opportunities and Beyond

Besides the knowledge and insights, IRX London 2023 provided fantastic networking opportunities. Conversations with fellow attendees, exhibitors, and speakers were incredibly insightful and fostered a sense of community within the retail industry.

The event was truly remarkable in showcasing the resilience, innovation, and adaptability of the retail sector. It made clear that, while the landscape may continue to evolve, the future of retail is filled with endless possibilities for those willing to embrace change.

In conclusion, IRX London 2023 was an amazing experience that reaffirmed the belief in transformative power of the retail industry.

Here’s to the future of retail! 🛍️🚀

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