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We are Master in Data Science & Big Data

About UWorx

Uworx embraces new normal of disruptive technologies to unlock innovation and agility that transforms how you do business.

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We transform business processes into software solutions that help you excel in your business.

At UWorx, we introduce the new normal by unlocking the power of hybrid technologies to bring more agility and transparency to your business operations and strategies while improving customer experience.

Having the experience of working with many enterprises, we helped them stay ahead with effective data management strategies by using emerging technologies such as Big Data, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, and more.

We bring custom software solutions to make your infrastructure robust agile, and transparent. Beyond manpower, our team focuses on the partners’ business goals and builds a smart connection between man and machine by automating your business processes while providing data-driven strategies with the help of IoT development services.

We can help to bring your business to digital life. Establishing a software solution millions of users will enjoy requires more than technical expertise. A savvy tech-talent, and in-depth experience extending from hardware integration to services, is a must.