Payment Integration Services

Customized Integrated Payment Services

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At UWorx, our engineers offer their services and solutions for customized payment gateways to make your business transactions fast, smooth and secure. We provide seamless and integrated payment gateways solutions to run your online business platforms.

Whether it’s a B2B, B2C, E2C or any other business, our experts will help you in building powerful integrated payment gateways for your customers.

  • Instant Customer Onboarding
  • Simplified Global Compliance
  • Certified Integration
  • Go-to-Market Support
  • Payments for Any Business
  • New Revenue Streams
Our Integration Workflows

Integrated Payments For Flexible Business

  • Self-checkout
  • Payment socket
  • Data formats payments
  • Smart terminals of payment

  • JSON Formats
  • Socket Communication
  • WebSocket Communication
  • Rest Communication
  • SOAP-based communication

  • Mobile devices integration
  • Paypal integration
  • Ingenico Integration
  • Loyalty system integration

  • NFC enabled contactless device
  • Gift Card singular payments
  • Contactless cards integration
  • Swipe cards integration
  • Loyalty cards integration

  • Interchange Optimization
  • Account Continuator
  • Account Updater
  • Data warehouse
  • End-to-end user experience

  • Multi-currency acceptance
  • Mobile Optimization and SDK
  • Flexible Integrations
  • Faster Checkout
  • Fastest Setup Time
  • Support Different Payments

Why Enterprises Choose Our Payment Integration Services

A more efficient approach to build more secure data processing and fraud protection features.
We optimize payment gateway platforms for performance and security
We built platforms for enterprises that deliver functionality, give you the visibility and control over your payments gateways.