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Uworx embraces new normal of disruptive technologies to unlock innovation and agility that transforms how you do business.

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Digitization in retail is opening up new ways for retailers to engage customers and to control their business with more agility and efficiency.

It’s not just the disrupting tech that is changing the retail industry, but the customer, being the expert of product experience, determines the quality of the interaction.

Similarly, the emerging technologies like 3D printing, facial recognition, virtual and augmented reality are giving retailers ways to enhance customer experience, decide loyalty programs, merchandising and promotions, pricing and POS solutions.


We help our customers in several ways:

  • Using Computer vision for tracking, mapping and analyzing footfalls.
  • Using robotics for inventory management.
  • Using mobile wallets for easy and quick payments.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to use voice AI, voice payments, and automated checkouts.
  • Using Blockchain to bring transparency and visibility for retailers through improved inventory management.
  • Retail digital store solutions
  • Enterprise applications and wholesale distribution software solutions


Microservices Implementation

We have years of experience of breaking monoliths into several reusable components, which helps retail businesses achieve scalability and flexibility.

Multi to Omni Channel Transformation

Enhancing customer experience and reducing operational cost through multichannel to omnichannel transformation.

Cross Platform Commerce Solutions

More customer engagement through Cross-device communication and integrating digital touch points.

Credit & Debit Card Payments

We enable recurring billing and faster payment processing through multiple payment gateways integrations.

Cash Handling Systems

Entire cash handling process, from the point of sale to bank deposit.

Loyalty Card Systems

We specialize in loyalty cards integration. Helping retailers to increase revenue through repeat business and spending boosts.

Gift Card Systems

Increased brand awareness and customer engagement through electronic gift cards processing

Ecommerce Platform & Basket Handling

Bridging the gap between online shopping and showroom buying by providing Unified customer experience.

E-labelling Systems & Printer Integrations

Reducing Labor steps and streamline label alterations through our expertise in labeling systems implementation.

Business Integrations

Integrations for Taxation, Receipts, Promotions, Loss prevention etc

Handheld Devices Integration

Handheld devices improve efficiency of business processes and boost staff productivity.

Self Checkout Integration

Creating a frictionless and flexible shopping experience for retail customers through integrations with Proprietary checkouts and leading companies such as NCR, Diebold and others.

Product Stocks Management

Providing cutting-edge automation to manage product stocks and Bundles, Vouchers, discounts and promotions.