AI-based team insights and analytics platform, which improves work efficiency of executives and mid-level management. Khoji saves up to 25% time for top management and brings them out of day-to-day management hassles. 

Khoji for Agile improves team productivity by harnessing the culture of Agile. It scans project management data, applies deep learning, and extracts key insights that no other platform offers. Our customers have reported saving more than 20% time for managers and C-Level leadership. 

1: Cost-saving: Khoji saves 20% of management and C-level leadership time! 

Harry is a project manager at fortune 5000 companies. Every day when he starts working, he is flooded by several emails. His calendar is filled with several team meetings. In a typical meeting, everyone gives updates to Harry about their tasks and challenges. Harry thinks he is doing a good job by organizing all meetings. But sometimes, he gets consumed by too much communication, meetings, coordination and status updates. On top of it, there are client calls and schedule updates. 

Someone suggested him to use Khoji for Agile.

Khoji for Agile offers complete project data, team insights and work updates, and most importantly, action items and next steps. Every morning, Harry gets a couple of emails in his inbox. The emails have clear updates about the project and team members. A typical email looks like this: 

With Khoji, Harry can now skip long hours of meetings. He does not have to rely too much on interpersonal communication to make judgements. Khoji proves Harry the transparent, real-time, and up-to-date views which offer him visual highlights about who is working on what, how the project plan is moving along with execution strategy and where and how money is being spent on resources. 

And by the way, Harry is one of 25 project managers at Strawberry Inc. The company board has analyzed that Khoji-for-Agile is now saving 20% time for each one of them. That amounts to cost savings of more than $50,000 a month for Strawberry Inc. Yay! 

2: Building Agile Team Culture with Khoji For Agile 

 Ben is a committed developer at Cool Careers.

Cool Careers is a dream workplace for Ben. It hosts an agile team culture, and everyone tends to get a fair chance. 

Ben ploughs his best efforts to finish his tasks and resolve the bugs approaching him on the way. 

But something is not right

Ben is losing his interest day by day. Instead of focusing, he procrastinates about managers not appreciating his efforts. 

He believes supportive honesty from his mentors can improve work performance. 

Receiving fair feedback is the hallmark of transparency and it builds trust, boosts innovations and cultivates a healthy work environment.

Communicating meaningful information to all your teammates sets up a constructive and dynamic platform for teamwork. 

On the flip side, concealing necessary information from your colleagues can damage your team’s projects and tear down trust between team members.

One day, Ben’s project manager called a meeting like every other day to discuss the project insights and to get daily tasks reports. 

But instead, the manager disclosed about Cool Careers is introducing a new shiny analytical project management platform that does a smart job of collecting teamwork and information on project development at one place. 

Now it’s easy to know who is working on what and whose efforts need recognition. 

Khoji for Agile’s philosophy is to help organizations evolve their agile approach with the help of a more transparent and efficient approach towards their business management strategies. 

One of the best ways to build transparency and boost a positive work culture is to share your win-and-loss experiences, and the challenges you faced. Disclosing wins is the peaceful part. The challenging part is to be accountable for something you planned and didn’t go as per your plan. But it will enhance trust and integrity in your team. 

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. Transparently. 

You will observe a higher level of engagement among the teams that resolve problems more creatively, align strategy with execution; when everyone in the team is on the same page. 

3: Khoji makes customers super happy. 

Clients are gods and their satisfaction means your ship won’t sink amid ocean at its peaceful hours. 

PineApple Inc. faced uncalled storms as their long-term clients began to mistrust them. The clients were not happy for being kept in the dark about the undiscovered problems, delayed deliveries and product outcome is not what they planned earlier. 

PineApple Inc. is facing two opposing situations at the same time. First; they are unable to predict clients’ reactions for disclosing things more than what they should know. Second, the clients would lose their trust if they are not aware of problems and how they have the assurance that the built-product is not a crappy software but a market efficient product. 

PineApple Inc. accepted the challenge and decided to go with the first choice. They decided on embracing the risk but did not compromise on losing the trust of their stakeholders. 

Because PineApple Inc. believes: 

Transparency is the top factor contributing to clients’ happiness.

When it comes to your business critically, depending on good metrics that open up actual problems, then it’s the time you need to promote transparency. 

Here comes the responsibility of realizing the critical situation and knowing the problem right away through internal and external transparency the organization operates in. 

Building trust: 

Too much transparency can be risky and uncomfortable for tossing the problems in front of stakeholders, which are meant to be hidden. It seems scary and can cause conflict within the teams. 

Won’t it be embarrassing fixing the bugs everyone knows about? But is it more embarrassing to keep things in the dark and lose your client’s trust? 

To pose the solution, let’s take transparency as a feature instead of a bug. 

The diagnosed problems will help you, and your stakeholders make better decisions. 

Top metrics determine what you want to achieve visually with your dashboards. Good metrics deliver information faster while building trust is a win-win.

4: Khoji improves the quality of software production 

Very often at Blueberries Inc., product managers and their teams get bogged down in fumbling software, meetings without output, and diverse data collections, ending in miscommunication, delays, and ineffective resource allocation.

Therefore, the lack of transparency and focus added up ingredients for the recipe of frustration and headaches; at worst, product releases crossed over the dedicated budget, undefined delays, and poor quality.

Then, they decided to choose Khoji for Agile and its smart dashboards that bring all important ingredients to cook a successful product. 

Khoji for Agle reduces not only the organizational challenges and to speed up the continuous integration cycle through better communications. 

Khoji plays the principal part in bridging the gap between the project activities with teams, business operations, and strategies.

Moreover, Khoji for Agile also ensures that new methods and features are transferred to teams and responsible for their useful performance. 

5: Khoji predicts problems before they happen 

The C-suit leadership of Kiwi Inc. envisioned of successfully following the values of agile enterprise method, but some stumbling blocks are turning their execution strategy into a failure. 

For instance, the project managers invest their dedicated energies in planning and micromanaging the project scope, but somehow it turns out to be scope creep. 

For project managers, analyzing the project performance and figuring out what is really going on among the teams and forming up the delivery analysis reports for most of their work-life span; is a daunting discipline task. 

A new manager, Marry, joined the c-suite teams at Kiwi Inc. and told them that with Khoji for Agile, they can save half of their time which is being spent on traditional daily standup meetings to discover what is really going on and how to correspond on it. 

Khoji for Agile brings ease to the lives of project managers. 

Khoji for Agile compiles up the entire projects’ progress in one email describing the entire team’s progress and bugs analysis. It will take you a few minutes to analyze the situation, know what is causing it, and take meaningful action. Khoji for Agile designs dashboards that bring it all at one place. 

You don’t have to dig into backlogs, epics, and stories to know the details. Khoji will do this job for you by mapping out in-depth insights for you at one screen.

As an illustration, you will get the entire idea about the team progress, performance analytics and detailed insights while you are sipping your morning coffee. Sounds extravagant?

 In the world of disruptive technology, when you are critically depending on real-time data that generates real-time insights to create business stories; no, it’s not that extravagant, but it is the actual need of the present time. 

Khoji for Agile is a project management analytics tool that helps you map strategic projects, deliver them, discover bottlenecks, risk and dependencies with more accuracy around capacity planning and measuring ROI. 

6: Make data-driven decisions with Khoji 

Dragon Fruit Inc. had a vision to regulate the 2:20:200 principle in their company. It requires analyzing the situation in 2 seconds, finding the problem in 20 seconds and taking an action in 200 seconds. 

Is it too unrealistic to wish for? 

With Khoji for Agile, it’s not an unrivalled mystery anymore. 

Khoji made it a real and worth-achieving dream. 

The smart dashboard that turns your data into information and information into insight that can help you make better decisions.

The quick tour to team performance analysis with the help of visual highlights helps you find the responsible factors and to uncover underlying complex problems at one board. 

The C-Suit section and leadership often struggle to ensure the enterprise is delivering value and aligning with corporate strategy. 

Khoji for Agile improves team performance as it easily identifies gaps between the planned strategy, completed stories, and availability of resources with the help of the board of visual analysis. It offers information-driven insights that help you make better decisions for the desired outcomes. 

Khoji for Agile can save managers’ time for creating datasets as it’s become, and time taking job is to get accountability of individual programs, and their competence for the work.

With Khoji for Agile, you can have a glass view of what’s going on all the time.

Final Thoughts:

To put it in another way, the challenges the leadership face when they have to aggregate the data for how the value is being delivered. With Khoji for Agile, you can have real-time views on what resources, time, and money have been spent.

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